Rue Chow


Anna Marie Silva - October 2017

Omg! I can NOT say enough about how AMAZING my daughter's wedding reception food was!!
The service even MORE amazing !!!
The BEIGNETS topped it all !!!!!
Any event ever,  I will be calling!!

Ashlie Pujol - March 2020

Loved the crawfish and shrimp mac n cheese at the Slidell Food Truck Fest. The caramel brownie and strawberry lemonade were awesome too! They definately had my vote for people's choice!

Denise Seawright - October 2018

Very good food!!  
Quantity and Quality are 5 star!!  
I can never eat more than half of what I order and it is great to get a meal with so much flavor to the food.  I have become a loyal customer.

Kenny Herbert - February 2017

Going to the food truck is by far my favorite part of the day at Stennis.

I've only been amazed by the food, and the staff is super friendly! There's a reason I eat here 3 times a week.

(bring back the seafood lasagna, it was incredible!)

Kayce Edwards - April 2015

Hands-down my absolute fave "place" to eat. I cannot use words to describe how delicious the Rue Chow menu is. If you've never had it, you HAVE to try it!

Jose Lopez - October 2019

Yesterday started out like most other days.  Everything about it was ordinary until it was time for lunch.  As I was walking towards the food truck, I recalled a recent post they shared.  The post was  a stack of delicious, mouthwatering smoked pork loin resting on their counter top.  Little did I know that in that moment that I was embarking on a food journey that I wasn't expecting or prepared for. As I approached the window of the food truck I could smell the brilliant aroma of smoked pork.  I could barely control my excitement as I placed my order for the smoked pork loin sandwich. My stomach empty, but my mind and body filled with excitement and anticipation.  A few moments later I heard Rachel's voice call my name, "Jose."  I knew at this point that there was no turning back, that the moment I had been waiting for was upon me.  I wasted no time walking back to the car with my wife, our sandwiches in hand.  As I took the first bite a chemical reaction was taking place, and I was experiencing what can only be described as "food nirvana." I lost track of my position in time and space, I was no longer a man eating a sandwich, I was one with the sandwich and the world around me.  As this union of mind, body, spirit, and sandwich was taking place, I realized that I no longer confined to my physical vessel, but that my spirit had risen, and I was now watching from above as my wife and I ate our sandwiches.  I don't know about you, but this was the first time in my life that a $8 sandwich yielded such an experience.  Maybe it was the tender pork loin, sliced perfectly and smoked to perfection.  Maybe it was the way that the sweetness of the grilled onion complimented the richness of the creole mayonnaise.  Or perhaps it was just the artisan bread, performing the impossible feat of containing this insane amount of flavor and texture.  Maybe it was all those things combined.  Regardless, this is a sandwich that will change your expectations of what a sandwich should be.  The testimony I just gave isn't just advocating this sandwich, it's just as much a cautionary tale.  Mark my words, If you eat this sandwich, you will never truly enjoy a normal sandwich again.  This sandwich will ruin lesser sandwiches for you, and your entire life will begin to revolve around thinking about the next time you'll be able to eat another one.

Gary Michael Smith - April 2019

I’ve only seen them out a couple times at festivals and company parking lots because they’re from Covington, LA, but really wish they had a restaurant—or at least another truck based in New Orleans. This is one of the best food trucks in New Orleans and surrounding areas and definitely my favorite! With formal culinary school backgrounds, this chef couple would make as good a magazine profile as they make their tasty and creative cuisine. If you happen to notice them on the street, stop immediately and place some orders — you will not be disappointed! everybody knows and gets excited about it.

Kelly Fulton - July 2015

I am a Stennis Space Center regular, and while everything that I have gotten from Rue Chow has been delicious, the Peppa Pig sandwich is quite possibly the most divinely, delicious thing that I have eaten in a long time! Perfect balance of savory/sweet with a hint of spice. Here's hoping the "Peppa" finds a weekly spot on the menu!

Not only is the food delicious, but the customer service wows every time. If Rue Chow pulls into your neck of the woods, I suggest you pay them a won't be sorry!

Angelique Fouquet - September 2015

A day when Rue Chow is at Stennis Space Center is a good day. Every dish I've ever gotten is excellent!  Highly recommend the meat pie, lasagna, French onion burger, and Philly cheesesteak. And such friendly service!! Rachel greets all her regular customers by name.