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What our customers are saying

Ann Marie Silva

Omg! I can NOT say enough about how AMAZING my daughter's wedding reception food was!!
The service even MORE amazing !!!
The BEIGNETS topped it all !!!!!
Any event ever, I will be calling!! 

Kelley Fulton


I am a Stennis Space Center regular, and while everything that I have gotten from Rue Chow has been delicious, the Peppa Pig sandwich is quite possibly the most divinely, delicious thing that I have eaten in a long time! Perfect balance of savory/sweet with a hint of spice. Here's hoping the "Peppa" finds a weekly spot on the menu!

Not only is the food delicious, but the customer service wows every time. If Rue Chow pulls into your neck of the woods, I suggest you pay them a visit...you won't be sorry!

Robert Blue

I would tie pork chops to my thighs and run through a lion's den for the specials made here each week. You won't be disappointed by any of the choices. 

Melody Fillhart

Rue Chow is fantastic! It's so great to have a great food truck out here at Stennis. The food is consistently good, service is SO quick, and Rachel knows everyone's name! Favorites include the Peppa Pig sandwich and the Korean BBQ Chicken, and the salad or fries as a side are both equally good. You can even get half salad and half fries! I stood in an usually long line of 30 people today, and still got served in 15 min. Even though I have to drive from another building to get to the truck, it's more than worth it. Thanks guys!